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South African public market listing losing streak continues

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

In late 2022 South Africa's Daily Maverick published an opinion piece by AmaranthCX's Paul Miller.

"The JSE’s announcement earlier this month that it would terminate the listing of Nutritional Holdings’ securities is not, on the face of it, that significant. The company appeared to be in a world of distress and no serious investor would be sorry to see it go.

What is significant is that it marks the 25th JSE delisting for the year, and the 27th from all SA’s public markets." ...

The rest of the article is free to read here.

Here are some excerpts from the SA listings company data the we track at AmaranthCX.

Companies that delisted their securities and left the SA public market in 2022

Companies that are predicted to delist their securities and leave the SA public market in 2023. This list is both incomplete and uncertain. It is by no means guaranteed that any or all of these companies' securities will be delisted.

Companies whose securities are currently suspended from trade - some of which have been suspended for a very long time, and most of which will never return to the SA public markets.

That article concludes as follows ... "with there being very little the JSE or other market operators can do, and no appreciation from policymakers that incentives are required for the smaller end of the market, the delistings trajectory definitely looks to continue in 2023."

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