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Will SA public markets shrink further in 2022?

By: Paul Miller

At AmaranthCX we keep a running score, going back 25-years, of the rate of de-listings vs listings on SA public markets.

Our most recent update to the scoreboard;

  • There are at least 18 de-listings locked and loaded - i.e. they have already been finalised this year or have been announced, are in progress and are expected to conclude in 2022

  • We currently predict at least 6 listings, with some degree of confidence, in 2022

One company has already listed in 2022, being TIP One limited, which delisted from ZARx in 2021 and re-listed on the CTSE this year. Areit Prop Limited is in the process of listing on the JSE at the moment. Further companies predicted to list this year are Coca-Cola Bottling Africa, Premier Foods, Big Tree Copper and Swiftnet, the Telkom subsidiary. There has also been some talk of Sedibelo Platinum and African Bank returning to the markets. There might be as many companies again that have not yet indicated publicly that they are considering listing - nor are there any potential inward dual listings in the mix.

So there is not yet enough information to suggest that 2022 will see a change in the 6-year losing streak, where the number of public market listed companies has decreased year-on-year, however we at AmaranthCX are cautiously optimistic that we may see at least more listings in 2022 than the nine in 2021, even if the downward trajectory is not arrested.

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