Combo Map: SA Platinum Group Metals & Geology Map: March 2021 Edition

Combo Map: SA Platinum Group Metals & Geology Map: March 2021 Edition

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This is AmaranthCX's new 2021 South African PGM mining map.


This zipped .kmz file contains 9 layers, including: 

  • 53 PGM mining and project areas now mapped (mining right and prospecting right land areas) across the Bushveld Complex
  • 56 Tailings storage facilites
  • 110 shafts and pits
  • 46 Concentrator plants
  • 20 Chrome recovery plants
  • 11 assorted smelters and refineries
  • Main zones of the Bushveld Complex, major faults and estimated outcrop and sub-outcrop of the main PGM and Chrome seams

Ideal for use on PC, tablet or smartphone and in Google Earth flyover videos.

  • File Format

    This file is a .kmz file contained with a Zip folder.  You will download a Zip file, extract the .kmz file and open the file with Google Earth or in My Maps in Google Maps. 

    Detailed Instructions

    The file is zipped.  So the process is as follows;

    1) Extract the content of the zipped file to a folder on your hard drive (right click on the zipped folder and select Extract).

    The extracted file is a .kmz file which can be opened in either Google Earth or Google Maps

    2) If you have Google Earth installed then you can double click on the .kmz file and it should just open in Google Earth.

    3) If you would prefer to open it in Google Maps, 

    3.1) Open Google Maps 

    3.2) Open the Google Maps menu and go to Your Places

    3.3) Under Your Places go to Maps

    3.4) Create a new map and then hit import

    3.5) Import the .kmz file off your hard drive.

    Then choose which ever layers you wish to view off the menu on the left.  

  • Disclaimer

    Note that the information contained in this map has been researched and gathered from various public sources, including listed company documents, environmental reports, satellite photos, crowd-sourced via social media and from personal discussion with industy indsiders.  The South African Department of Mineral Resources & Energy does not make this information public.

    This map is thus not guaranteed to be exhaustive or completely accurate.  Map users must consult with a professional advisor before making any commercial or investment decisions. 

    The map will be updated from time to time and newer editions will be made available for sale 

  • Purpose

    This map is can be edited and manipulated in either Google Earth or Google Maps.  It can form the base for building a business intelligence capability, to use to illustrate presentations, for sales leads discovery, for commodity trading and logistics planning.