Kimberlite Diamond Mines

Kimberlite Diamond Mines

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This zipped .kmz file contains 3 layers: 

  • The 24 current kimberlite diamond mines of Southern & Eastern Africa  - including kimberlite fissure mines and tailing retreatment operations. 
  • 23 known exploration projects and
  • 51 historic closed/on hold/status unknown operations. 

Each mine or project is place-marked (geo-located) with a single point icon (as at August 2020). 

Ideal for use in Google Earth flyover videos.

  • File Format

    Ths file is a .kmz file contained with a Zip folder.  You will download a Zip file, from which you can extract the .kmz file - you can then open the file with Google Earth or Google Maps. 

  • Disclaimer

    This map is not guaranteed to be exhaustive or completely accurate.  Information is generally from public sources - but should not be relied upon for commercial or other purposes.  For illustrative purposes only. 

  • Purpose

    This map is can be edited and manipulated in either Google Earth or Google Maps.  It can form the base for building a business intelligence capability, to use to illustrate presentations or for sales lead discovery. 

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