South Africa - Generation & Transmission - January 2022

South Africa - Generation & Transmission - January 2022

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This map is the South African subset of the Southern African Power Pool map.


This map, which covers SA only, includes -

  • 412 important electrical substations - with over 90% named
  • 15 hydroelectric and pumped storage plants
  • 45 solar PV farms
  • 37 wind farms
  • 31 fossil fuel and biomas thermal power stations
  • 6 concentrated solar plants
  • and 1 nuclear power plant

All linked together by 634 major transmission and relevant distribution lines (stylised) across South Africa.


Numerous "in development", abandoned and decommissioned power generating facilities are also mapped.


This map should be interesting to anyone wanting to get an overview of opportunities in the South African electricity industry.  Investors, financiers, project developers, suppliers and electricity consumers will all find it useful - it is however not a technical map, and the advice of a professional electrical engineer should always be sought before commercial or investment decisions are made.