Southern African Manganese Map: October 2020 Edition

Southern African Manganese Map: October 2020 Edition

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Second Edition 


This zipped .kmz file contains seven layers: 

  • Now 24 operating manganese mines across Southern Africa - with an additional operating mine in the Postmasburg Manganese Field and another in the Otjozondjuba Manganese Field
  • Rail logistics - now including Namibian export routes
  • Manganese rail despatch facilities: Rapid  load out facilities and FEL / container stuffing sidings
  • Manganese rail/road discharge facilities at 9 export port terminals across the ports of Saldanha, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Luderitz and Walvis Bay.
  • Known manganese development projects (17) (including Botswana & Zambia)
  • Closed/on-hold/status unknown manganese operations (9)
  • Unofficial mining area farm boundaries in the Postmasburg and Kalahari managanese fields

Each mine or project is place-marked (geo-located) with a single point icon (as at October 2020). 

Ideal for use on PC, tablet or smartphone and in Google Earth flyover videos.

  • File Format

    This file is a .kmz file contained with a Zip folder.  You will download a Zip file, extract the .kmz file and open the file with Google Earth or in My Maps in Google Maps. 

    The file can be edited, changed and updated in Google My Maps.

  • Disclaimer

    This map is not guaranteed to be exhaustive or completely accurate.  Information is generally from public sources - but should not be relied upon for commercial agreements or other purposes.  For illustrative purposes only.  The map will be updated from time to time and newer editions will be made available for sale 

  • Purpose

    This map is can be edited in Google My Maps.  It can form the base for building a business intelligence capability, to use to illustrate presentations, for sales leads discovery, for manganese trading and logistics planning.   

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