Southern African Power Pool - May 2022 - 2nd Edition

Southern African Power Pool - May 2022 - 2nd Edition

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This map includes -

  • 778 important electrical substations - with over 90% named
  • 113 hydroelectric and pumped storage plants (108 in 1st Ed.)
  • 83 solar PV farms (76 in 1st Ed.)
  • 40 wind farms
  • 113 fossil fuel and biomas thermal power stations (101 in 1st Ed.)
  • 6 concentrated solar plants
  • and 1 each of hybrid and nuclear power plants


All linked together by 1 159 major transmission and relevant distribution lines (stylised) across the SAPP.


Numerous "in development", abandoned and decommissioned power generating facilities are also mapped.  All told the 2nd edition has 69 additional mapped generating facilities relative to the 1st edition. 


This map should be interesting to anyone wanting to get an overview of opportunities in the Southern African electricity industry.  Investors, financiers, project developers, suppliers and electricity consumers will all find it useful - it is however not a technical map, and the advice of a professional electrical engineer should always be sought before commercial or investment decisions are made.

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  • Disclaimer

    Note that the information contained in this map has been researched and gathered from various public sources, including listed company documents, environmental reports, satellite photos and government and NGO reports.  

    This map is thus not guaranteed to be exhaustive or completely accurate.  Map users must consult with a professional advisor before making any commercial or investment decisions. 

    The map may be updated from time to time and newer editions may be made available for sale. 

  • Purpose

    This map is can be edited and manipulated in either Google Earth or Google Maps.  It can form the base for building a business intelligence capability, to use to illustrate presentations, for sales leads discovery, or for identifying investment opportunties.