Surface Cadastral Map of Mpumalanga

Surface Cadastral Map of Mpumalanga

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This is a large (11 meg) zip file of all surveyed farms and farm portions of Mpumalanga.  It is too big to be imported into Google Maps, but can be used in Google Earth.


It is provided free as a service and in the interests of fostering transparency.  This map data is sourced from the Surveyor-General.

  • Disclaimer

    Cadastral maps supplied by the Chief Surveyor-General, Department: Rural Development & Land Reform.

    Copyright remains vested in the State.

    Do not rely on this map to make commercial or planning decisions. Always consult with a professional land surveyor or other appropriate professional

    The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform strives to keep and provide accurate cadastral and spatial information as possible: the department makes no claims, promises, or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the contents, and expressly disclaims all and any liability for errors and omissions in the contents thereof.

  • Further information

    This file is a .kmz file contained with a Zip folder.  You will download a Zip file, extract the .kmz file and open the file with Google Earth. 

    Detailed Instructions

    The file is zipped.  So the process is as follows;

    Extract the content of the zipped file to a folder on your hard drive or better still to Google Drive (right click on the zipped folder and select Extract).

    The extracted file is a .kmz file which can only be opened in Google Earth.  This file is too big for Google Maps.

    If you have Google Earth installed then you can double click on the .kmz file and it should just open in Google Earth.

    Then choose which ever layers you wish to view off the menu on the left.