We know what it takes to track a capital project for years - strategically establishing relationships and proving capabilities, just to get into those crucial starting blocks - being invited to respond to a RFI or RFP.

We know what it takes to submit multiple proposals, multiple times, over multiple years, before closing a deal. Where requirements and key people keep changing, on both sides of the deal.

We know what it means to win a deal that has taken years of effort to close - only for everything to speed up exponentially with variation orders, consumables, spare parts and field service needed ASAP!  

We think it can all be done better; using best-in-market, cloud-based Customer Relationship Management platforms;  organising efforts and existing data; providing context for all interactions - making sure that nothing slips through the cracks.

We believe that the customers' experience is a fundamental source of competitive advantage.

We look to assist sales teams to fully develop this advantage, by helping them transform the customer experience - by identifying and liberating those existing reservoirs of data hidden in organisations; integrating the data using best-in-market technology; and enabling sales teams to thrive.