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Farm search now available

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

A farm name search bar has been added to AmaranthCX's SA Mining Map.

Farms and farm portions are the primary cadastral unit for all mining and prospecting regulation in SA - and has been the practice since the MPRDA was enacted in 2004.

This can clearly be seen in the relationship between coal mining boundaries and farm boundaries in this screenshot from the SA Mining Map.

The search bar functionality is still in beta testing. It is a fuzzy match on any combination of farm name, farm number, province and municipality. Note the province is represented by a two letter abbreviation (NC, WC, EC, MP, KZ, NW, LP, GT, FS). If you don't immediately find the farm name in the drop down list, then narrow the search by adding additional information.

If you a are looking for the location of a particular farm, or portion of a farm, you can now search for a farm name and then the portions will be clearly highlighted.

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1 Comment

May 10, 2023

Well done, again!

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