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Mapping Improvements

Updated: Jan 31

Ongoing improvements to the AmaranthCX Southern African Power Map and the SA Mining Map

Our partners at 1Map ( have done a fantastic job with their latest release of the 1Map mapping platform. It has a new look and feel and useful additional functionality.

We have also significantly improved the Southern African Power Map - with particular attention being paid to the existing transmission and distribution HV and MV power lines across the 12 countries of the Southern African Power Pool. There are now also 4 370 existing HV and MV substations plotted across the SAPP - with the East African Power Pool a work in progress too.

The most recent improvement of relevance to the SA Mining Map has been the Farm Lookup functionality - where a farm or farm portion can be found using a fuzzy search on a combination of all or any of the farm name, number, municipality and province. Take a look at the mini video demo down below.

If you already a subscriber to the Southern African Power Map click here to take a look. As a SA Mining Map subscriber you can click here.

Alternatively you can subscribe to the maps here.

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