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Miners are talking up digitalisation, but what about suppliers?

From Paul Miller. reports that Accenture, the global tech consultancy (and my first employer) is predicting that "Mining firms can save R153bn through seven digital initiatives that include increased output, reduced personnel cost, improved asset utilisation, reduced downtime and fewer health and safety incidents."

Mining suppliers are stepping up and increasingly rolling out digital initiatives of their own, however, how many South African mining suppliers have seriously thought about digitalising their sales process? Many mining suppliers I have spoken to agree that the CX (Customer Experience) that they offer their clients hasn't changed much since the advent of email, and perhaps photocopiers being re-purposed to mainly scan pdfs to email.

Here, I am not necessarily talking about selling online via B2B e-commerce, but about adopting world class omni-channel Customer Relationship Management platforms - which enhance person-to-person relationships and make the whole CX better, faster and more on-the-ball.

You can read the full article here

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