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South African Mining Regulation Bogged Down in Red Tape

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

5 326 Unprocessed Mining and Prospecting Rights in Backlog

By: Paul Miller

Allan Seccombe of the Business Day has a deep understanding of South Africa's mining landscape - and he writes beautifully too.

In my view it is this kind of paywalled article is what makes getting a subscription to BusinessLive well worth it.

It starts with the admission by DMRE officials reporting to parliament today (24 February 2021) that they have a backlog of 5,326 unprocessed prospecting and mining rights. Just to put it in context - there are about a total of 6000 granted prospecting and mining rights out there. There are literally hundreds of new mining rights backlogged.

Allan goes on to say that "MPs from all parties expressed unhappiness with the poor data, vague answers and lack of action, resulting in committee chair Zet Luzipo ordering the department to return next week with comprehensive answers." So perhaps there will be some progress next week?

You can read the whole article here

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